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NPD Process Management

New product development (NPD) is a business process that needs to be defined and managed just as any other business process.

Process Owner

We recommend that you nominate a process owner, who is in charge of the process and does the following

bulletEvaluates and implements any suggested improvements to the process
bulletKeeps the process up to date
bulletAdvises users on best practice
bulletIs in charge of training in how to use the process
bulletRuns workshops and seminars on aspects of the process


Most companies would want their processes to be well run and best practice. A Capability Maturity Model is a way of assessing this. A paper on the Capability Maturity Model for the NPD process describes the evolution towards an optimized NPD process. Characteristics of a well-managed NPD process include:

bulletWell-defined process inputs in the form of customer needs and product specifications
bulletWell-defined process steps, process outputs (deliverable documents), and responsibilities
bulletFlexibility to support multiple processes and tailor the NPD process to the particular project requirements
bulletProcess output templates to improve efficiency in creating process outputs and improve consistency
bulletProcess controls in the form of stage-gate reviews and design reviews



Product Lifecycle Management. Software to manage your product through all the stages of its life from cradle to grave.

Configuration & Change Management

In order to manage the development of the products as they mature you will need to have both Configuration and Change Management processes in place. These may well be part of your PLM system.

Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL)

In order to help you to decide when your product and its various parts are ready to be released for manufacture and when your manufacturing process is ready, it may help to make use of a scale of  'Manufacturing Readiness Levels'


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