Consultancy from Elite Consulting

We offer consultancy in a number of different aspects of product development and its management and these are available either as a ‘package’ (mostly a fixed number of days for a fixed price), or on a daily rate basis.

Consultancy Subjects

We can undertake consultancy in any of the following subjects.

New Product Development (NPD) Process

The purpose of this engagement is to help the client to define or improve an NPD process that would be used for future product development.

Project Management Consulting

In this case the focus would be on how to manage your NPD projects to achieve their targets and manage the risks.

Portfolio Management

Many companies already have an NPD process of some kind that they follow, and many companies have experienced project managers, but still the projects over-run the deadline and/or cost too much. The reason is often because of a lack of portfolio management. Portfolio management gives you the tools with which to prioritise your projects, so as to get out of the traffic jam of too many projects causing continual delays.


These days innivation is often one of the keys to being a successful company. But just hoping that someone in your organsiation will have a spark of genius is not exactly a process. What you need is a process for innovation and we can help you to develop a structured innovation process.

DFSS (Design for Six Sigma)

If you have reached the limits of what a Six Sigma programme in manufacturing can achieve, you probably need some help with Design for Six Sigma

In other words the knowledge of how to design the next products so that you can achieve six sigma results when they go into production. We offer consultancy at your site to develop a DFSS package customised to meet your requirements.


Failure Mode and Effects Analysis is a powerful tool for assessing potential failures in a design or process and thereby reducing the likelihood of their happening. We come to you to perform FMEAs on your products and/or processes and can teach you how to do it along the way.


Consultancy Packages

The packages are:-


This is a single day’s consultancy at your site


This is 3 days consultancy. All the time can be at your site, or some can be off-site, e.g. preparing plans or reports.


This is 3 days consultancy. All the time can be at your site, or some can be off-site, e.g. preparing plans or reports.

plus Platinum

As many days as you want, in any combination of on-site and off-site.

In all cases you can buy extensions to the number of days or a further package if you wish.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements for any of the above.