Portfolio Management Consultancy

Portfolio management is about determining what the portfolio of products
(and/or projects) should be to achieve your goals and then managing that
portfolio for optimum results.

This means choosing the right projects to invest in, actively managing the
priorities and matching the resources to the projects.

If you have a number of potential and actual product developments and/or
other types of projects and are suffering from any of these kinds of problems,
then the root cause could be down to portfolio management.

  • Projects running late
  • Projects over budget
  • Problems at launch
  • Quality and reliability problems
  • Poor product performance in the market
  • Benefits not realised
  • Return on Investment not achieved
  • Sales and margins not being achieved
  • Strategic direction not being achieved

Then you may want to consider one of our portfolio management packages

These are designed to do the following

  • Review your current portfolio of products/projects
  • Introduce various methods of portfolio management
  • Propose a framework for portfolio management in your business
  • If time allows run an initial portfolio management session with your key
    people to put the process in place and prioritise your projects.

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