NPD Process Training

Obtain a comprehensive overview of New Product Development Process, with our one day NPD  training

Held at your site for your convenience, as part of the course you will develop the outline of a potential NPD process for your company.

The standard course contains the following:-

  • Introduction
  • What is NPD and why do you need a process?
  • Concurrent Engineering, Quality, Risks, Six Sigma etc.
  • The link to Product Portfolio Management
  • NPD Process Types
    • Stage-Gate®
    • Knowledge-Based (a.k.a. Set-Based)
    • Skunk Works
    • Agile
    • Lean
    • Spiral
  • NPD for different industries & products & company sizes
    • B2C v B2B
    • Hardware, software & services
  • Different versions for different projects
  • Gateways
    • Outcomes
    • How to be a Gatekeeper
    • How to run a Gate Meeting
  • Innovation
    • The fuzzy front end
  • Technology Development
    • The link to New Product Development processes
  • Choosing, implementing & developing a process

Please note that there is usually time in the afternoon to start developing your own NPD process.

Please download our NPD Process Training brochure to find out more.

Please contact us to discuss further