Project Portfolio Management Training

Project Portfolio Management is the same process as Product Portfolio management, but this time all projects are included, not just new product projects, because they potentially use some of the same resources and are potentially all fighting for a limited budget.

Many companies these days are trying to do too much and hence failing to get their projects launched on time. It is understandable in these straightened times to want to do everything possible and to hedge ones bets, thinking that this will maximise the opportunities for success. However it often leads to overloading of resources, which leads to delays and hence not realising the benefits because the projects are not completed on time.

The answer is Project Portfolio Management which is a process of prioritising projects, so that they are undertaken in an orderly, rather than chaotic, manner.  This means that you choose which projects have first call on the resources and deliberately delay others until resources are available (or obtain more resources to reduce the bottlenecks), rather than having project deadlines moved around in a higgledy-piggledy uncontrolled fashion.

Portfolio Management Training

Obtain a comprehensive overview of Portfolio Management Processes, with our one day Innovation training.

Held at your site for your convenience, as part of the course you will develop the outline of a potential Portfolio Management process for your company.

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