Autonomous Vehicles

The future is almost here and, as ever, the world is stumbling into it without truly understanding the implications. Autonomous vehicles are already being trialled on some roads in some countries.

But has anyone really thought this through?

The proponents say that because most accidents are caused by the driver, autonomous vehicles will be safer. But they will still have someone making the driving decisions and that someone will be the software programmer who wrote the code, and when did you last hear of software that was bug-free and secure? Also those programmers are probably American, Indian or Chinese. Would you say the people in those countries have reputations for being good drivers? (Hint – look at the accident statistics – UK is 2nd, USA is 17th (and twice as bad as the UK), China is 98th & India is 108th, and in case you want to know Sweden is 1st, just ahead of the UK). So if they don’t know how to drive, how can they programme a car to drive?

The Potential Problems

The Law

In an autonomous self-driving vehicle who is the driver? And so who is at fault when there is an accident?


And therefore who has to buy insurance and will the insurance companies even be willing to offer insurance?

We wrote this rather tongue in cheek article for a client in the insurance industry that you may find interesting.

I’m Sorry Dave


And so what about safety? If you are involved in any way have you really got a handle on this, especially if you have not been involved in the automotive industry before?

Perhaps you should be considering some of the automotive risk analysis techniques, such as Functional Safety and FMEA

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