Electric Vehicles


They may not have reached the mass market yet, but electric vehicles are coming. However even though I have put them in our ‘New Technology’ section, in fact they are nothing new. The first prototype electric vehicles of various sorts were demonstrated in the 1830’s by Robert Anderson, Robert Davidson (both from Scotland), Sibrandus Stratingh of Holland and Thomas Davenport of the USA. But it needed the invention of the rechargeable lead-acid battery by Frenchman Gustav Planté 1859 and its subsequent improvements made Camille Alphonse Faure in 1881 before electric cars became a viable proposition.

The first production electric vehicle was built in London by Thomas Parker’s Elwell-Parker Company in 1884

Thomas_Parker_Electric_car (1)

and electric vehicles became very popular in the early part of the 20th century. In fact the first 6 World Land Speed Records were achieved by electric vehicles, culminating in Calmille Jenatzy’s ‘La Jamais Contente’ achieving 105.88 km/h in 1899.


The decline set in after about 1912, though electric vehicles were still used for special purposes. Those of us who grew up in the UK  before about 1990 will still remember the sound of the electric milk ‘floats’ that delivered the milk every morning.


The Modern Age

Now electric vehicles are coming back again and Elite Consulting is playing its part by helping companies to develop reliable products by facilitating FMEA sessions at their premises and conducting training.

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