Implementing NPD

So now you have a brand new NPD process, what next? You obviously need to roll it out across the company, but how?

Below you will see a number of things that you should consider. Many of the subjects below also have links to separate pages where you can find more detail.

NPD Roll-Out

You need to plan the roll out of the NPD process just like a project, because that is what it is. It will need a plan, resources, a budget and a project manager. You also need to decide what strategy you will adopt, e.g. ‘big bang’, i.e. rolled out to every project in one go, or ‘little by little’. See more here.

NPD Process Owner

A key roll in the implementation and ongoing success of any NPD process is that of NPD process owner. He or she would normally be the person in overall charge of the process and may often take on the roll of project manager of the implementation project. He or she should know and understand everything about the process and be able to answer queries from anyone else in the company. See more here.

NPD Process Training

The people who are going to be involved in using the process will need training in it. You cannot expect them to just pick it up by osmosis. Therefore you will need a training plan. See more here.

Gatekeeper Training

Gatekeepers have a special role in the process. They are often high-powered people with their own ideas, so it is important that they know how the process works and what the role of a Gatekeeper entails, so that they act consistently. See more here.

Implementing Change

Introducing a new NPD process is a change to the way things have previously been done and so may encounter similar problems to those encountered in other change programmes. Therefore you should learn the lessons from those and adopt general good change management practice to ensure the best chances of success. See more here.

Links to existing processes

You will no doubt already have a number of existing management systems and processes, and this one should not exist in a vacuum. It needs to become enmeshed in the culture and link to the other systems. They do not normally need to be torn up, but they may need some minor tweaks to make the whole management process including NPD run smoothly. See below for a couple of specific examples.

Management Reviews

Undoubtedly you will already have a system of management and/or project reviews already in place. You need top consider how the Gate Reviews in a Stage-gate NPD process will fit in with those so that information flows correctly and efficiently, meetings are not duplicated, but neither are they disconnected. See more here.


A particular type of management process is Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP). This typically has a cycle of different reviews that happen every month, the purpose being to link sales, manufacturing and finance together to make the operations run as smoothly as possible. New products need to be included in this process, thus the NPD process needs to link to the S&OP process. See more here.

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