NPD Process Owner

A key roll in the implementation and ongoing success of any NPD process is that of NPD process owner. He or she would normally be the person in overall charge of the process and may often take on the roll of project manager of the implementation project. He or she should know and understand everything about the process and be able to answer queries from anyone else in the company.

There are a number of aspects to the role:-

  • The Champion

This person needs to be the cheerleader for the NPD process making sure that it has a voice at the top table.

  • The Guru

The process owner should be the person who is the fount of all knowledge regarding the process.

  • The Guardian

He or she should be the keeper of the official version of the process and guard it from corruption.

  • The Change Controller

However at the same time he should also run a change process so that there is a formal way that issues can be corrected and improvements can be made and released.

  • The Trainer

Everyone will need training and who better to be the trainer?

  • The Administrator

All the little things need to be done or things will break down; processing change requests, issuing updated versions, ensuring everyone is working to the latest version, organising training sessions, etc. etc.

  • The IT Support

If some kind of software is being used to run the system, then this will need administration and a support desk to answer all the IT-related questions related to the process.

It would be wonderful if all these roles could be combined into one person, but in most companies that is unlikely. Often the roles are split between different people or departments. For instance someone in the IT department will usually look after the IT aspects. However it is important that the IT dept do not run the process, the Process Owner should. The role of IT is to keep the software running as it should, not to make changes to it, unless authorised by the process owner.

In larger companies the Champion may be a Director with a seat on the board. He may also be the Guru, or a senior manager may take that role and effectively be the Process Owner. However day to day administration may be done by someone else on his behalf, who perhaps handles the administration of other processes in the company.

We are happy to discuss the role of process owner with you and can provide an interim process owner if you need one, whether or not we have been involved in developing your process. Please contact us to find out more.