NPD Process Training

Once you have your NPD process ready to roll out, then all your relevant staff will require training in the process, so that they know how to operate it. You cannot expect them to just pick it up by osmosis. Therefore you will need a training plan.

Everyone in the company should have a general awareness of what the NPD process is about and a basic knowledge of the stages that a new product goes through.

However those that are going to be more intimately involved need specific training that is tailored to there role.

  • Team Members

They need to understand the various stages and the part that they are expected to play at each stage.

  • Project Managers

These need to develop an expert knowledge of the whole process, as they are going to be key to its successful implementation. Therefore they will need in-depth training in the process and then on-going support as they run their first project through the process. They may also need project management training to improve their project management skills.

  • Department Managers

They will be providing the resources, i.e. the team members for the projects so they need to understand the process and what they need to do to support it.

  • Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers are of particular importance and they need special training as to what it means to be a gatekeeper, the responsibilities involved, the rules of the game and how to run a Gate Review.

Whether or not we have helped you to develop your NPD system, we are happy to assist with any aspect of the necessary training, from planning and generating the training material to running the training courses themselves. Please contact us to find out more.