Idea Generation

Companies need to be generating enough ideas for new products and services to be able to filter out the most promising ones for future development and leave the less promising ones on the shelf. One source suggests that only 1 in 60 ideas become successful products, so you need plenty of ideas to choose from. You probably also need an Idea Management system to track all the ideas.

Idea Generation Techniques

The key to successful idea generation is to generate ideas for products that people will want. Sometimes someone will have a flash of inspiration and come up with a world-beating idea out of nowhere. This is the classic image of an ‘inventor’ or ‘ideas man’ that we all have. However most times these flashes of inspration turn out to be not quite so inspiring after all, and you might have to wait quite a long time for one to arrive.

So a more systematic system is required, and these usually revolve around understanding in more depth what the customer wants or needs (even though he may not articulate that need), or solving a problem, or finding a better or cheaper way of doing something.

There are some classical idea generation techniques that you have probably heard of such as

  • Brain Storming
  • TRIZ

but there are also a number of others.

We can help you with your innovation process by facilitating sessions with your staff to develop or improve your process, or assist with any stage of the process.

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