Design Reviews

A design review is a milestone within a product development process whereby a design is evaluated against its requirements. There would normally be at least one design review prior to production release.

In general commercial product development the format and number of design reviews can vary considerably from company to company and even between projects in the same company. However consistency of approach is generally considered a good thing.


In the UK the Ministry of Defence Acquisition Operating Framework (MoDAOF) specifies a number of design reviews to occur at different stages of a programme. Some key ones are a Preliminary Design Review (PDR), a Systems Design Review (SDR) and a Critical Design Review (CDR). More information on these can be found on the MoDAOF web site if you have access to it.

Design Council

The Design Council promotes the use of Design Reviews, particularly in the built environment. This is what they say. “Design Review is a well-established way of improving the quality of design in the built environment, and it is now recognised in the National Planning Policy Framework.” You can download more information from their web site.

Elite Consulting

Elite Consulting has a standardised approach and format and these are the main headings

  1. Items pertaining to customer needs and satisfaction
  2. Items pertaining to product specification and service requirements
  3. Items pertaining to process specification and service requirements
  4. Other aspects

Whatever industry you are in, we can help you with design reviews. We can:-

  • Come to your site and spend a day doing an independent design review for you
  • Help to develop a customised design review procedure that suits your company
  • Train your staff in how to do a design review

Contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.

Note we can come in and do an independent design review of your potential new product.