Technology Roadmaps

Technology Roadmaps are used to help to provide the answer to the question, “What technologies do we need?”

When doing a technology roadmap you should think of the following:

  • What is our strategy?
  • What are the products that we need in order to fulfil our strategy
  • What is the technology that we need in order to be able to provide those products,
  • Do we have it already?
  • If not, how and where are we going to get it, and in what timescale?

You should also consider what your competitors are doing and likely to do and what technologies emerging, not necessarily in your industry or market segment.

Then you are in a position to draw your technology roadmap that might look something like one of these:

Technology Roadmap Strategy

Technology Roadmap Strategy 2

If you would like some help and advice to draw up a technology roadmap for your company, then contact us.