Elite Consulting Web Site

Welcome to our new web site. We have split our services into 2 separate sites. This site,
elite-consulting.com, has been enhanced to provide more information about NPD processes. To make space, all the FEA and Creo training material has been moved to a separate site, www.elite-consulting.co.uk. Please go there for all the latest information on those subjects.


Brexit has come as a shock to many businesses in the UK. It will bring many changes, but will you be in a position to take advantage of the possibilities and to manage the risks. Let us review your product strategy and risk management plan to check how ready you will be.


“I must thank you for the excellent and detailed report. It is the best report we have ever received from an analysis company.”
Martin Colenutt – Stannah Stairlifts

“A very capable engineering consultant and able to apply the years of experience from simple to highly specialized projects, adapting to all levels of understanding and communicating well to others. A valued partner I will use on future projects.”
Stephen Anscomb – Horiba Instruments

“The feedback from Chris and David on your recent training course was excellent and they enjoyed the learning opportunity; thank you very much.”
Karen Mead, GE Oil & Gas

“The best training course that I have ever had.”
Terence Haughian – Terex

Recession to Recovery

The last few years have been tough for many companies. However it is important not only to get through the bad times, but to be in a position to take advantage of the recovery when it comes. Let us review your product portfolio strategy to check how ready you will be.