NPD Project Management

There’s more to managing projects to introduce new products than just preparing a project plan in a Gantt chart format.

Gantt Chart


Obviously all the standard techniques such as Critical Path Analysis and Risk Analysis apply to an NPD project as much as they apply elsewhere.

However an NPD project also has to fit in with the company’s Phase-Gate or equivalent process and fit in with all the other product developments that are happening alongside it.

This requires a knowledge of both standard Project Management procedures and the more specialised world of product (and service) development in different industries

Understanding this, we can provide a set of tools and functions to help plan and manage projects from initial conception of a product idea through production/ deployment/implementation.

We believe in a flexible approach to managing projects. Some organizations with large, more complex development projects need a comprehensive approach to project management using a dedicated project management tool such as MS Project® with a network schedule/Gantt chart, resource planning and levelling, task status and performance measurement.

Other organizations rely more on using a defined NPD process with standard stage durations and avoid the complexities of a dedicated project management system, perhaps by using Excel®.

Whichever you use, we can help you get better by providing consultancy and training in project management suitable for NPD projects and also software if you need it

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