Tolerance Analysis

How do you set the tolerances on your parts?

Do you just follow what you did before?

Do manufacturing or your suppliers tell you what they want them to be?

How do you know if the parts will always fit together?

And do you know if the product will always function correctly with those tolerances?

This is where Tolerance Analysis comes in.


There are 3 key things to understand:-

  1. What tolerances are required for correct function?
  2. Can your manufacturing process achieve those tolerances and if not what should you do?
  3. Will the parts always be able to be assembled correctly with the chosen tolerances?

Often conflicts and problems will arise and they must be solved in order to proceed.

Tolerance Conflicts

And what some proponents of Six Sigma don’t realise is that it is no use having a Six Sigma programme if it is just not possible to make your parts to the accuracy required or to assemble them together, or the product does not function properly.

We run a 1 day Tolerance Analysis Training course where all these things are studied. Find out more here, or contact us.